Hospitality Reopening Toolkit

A toolkit to help you open your doors for business, safely

It is no surprise that the sector the general public is missing the most is hospitality.  Having been restricted from socialising for months, people want to meet for drinks and eat out as soon as possible.

Businesses in the hospitality sector, like yours, are desperate to service that demand, because in your industry closed doors are bad news.  So the question looming over your heads is ‘Have I met the government standard for reopening my business safely?’

By using Tillr’s Hospitality Reopening Toolkit, you can answer ‘Yes’ to that question with confidence.  A simple to use online app, available now, that will walk you through each of the steps you are expected to take before reopening your doors for trade.

Crucially, as the guidelines set by the government change over time, the ability to rapidly reconfigure the system to match the latest instructions, means that the 5pm daily briefing content will be in the product by 9am the following morning.  You will be able to reopen and stay open, by completing checklists that make sure you don’t miss anything.

If you’re keen to serve your regulars again, contact us now to start making your premises safe for patrons and staff, and making the summer of 2020 one to be fond of.  Cheers!

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Tillr is used to complete forms online and submit for review and action, providing a fully auditable record of any actions undertaken related to the reopening of your venue.

Activities include, but are not limited to:

- Hygiene and cleanliness
- Social distancing monitoring
- Staff temperature checks
- Kitchen health and safety checks
- Delivery sanitation checks
- Staff PPE counts and checks
- Employee wellbeing assessments

Why use our Hospitality Reopening Toolkit?

- An online tool that allows 100% remote management of activities during a period of uncertainty
- Ready to use templates that allow you to tackle your biggest challenges for reopening immediately
- New templates and updates that match the latest Government guidelines
- A centralised database to record all activities related to COVID-19
- Prove to members of the public and your employees that you are putting their wellbeing first
- Be ready for new protocols to be in place when employees return to their workplace