Changing Compliance

The flexible compliance platform that enables organisations to centralise multiple compliance processes, reducing costs and business risks, while enabling informed decision-making with embedded automation and tailored dashboard reporting.

Tailored Compliance Modules

Our experience tells us that every customer has different compliance needs, from the terminology they use to escalation pathways and the levels of staff involved in managing defined processes. Tillr provides organisations with a date and timestamped audit trail of users and their activities, a necessity to protect your business from breaches or negligence. Tillr’s customisable compliance modules reduce the burden placed upon our customers, built in automation takes care of allocating tasks to the right team with predefined ‘due by’ dates. Tillr also sends alerts and notifications to operational and management teams, ensuring that deadlines are not missed, and tasks are not forgotten.

Incorporating technology solutions to complement an existing and suitable risk management strategy will assist with data collection to drive more informed decision making. Such data can be used to give insurers certainty about how you manage your risks. This may positively influence your premiums. Chris Gill

Divisional Head of Risk Solutions, QBE Insurance

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Bespoke Compliance Solutions

We are digital compliance software specialists, we have extensive experience across multiple areas of compliance working with a variety of organisations including blue chips, professional sports clubs and local authorities. We provide tailored digital solutions for organisations to manage their compliance risks more effectively. Tillr ensures that senior management teams have a real time view of their business, even when they are on the move, 24/7. Tillr not only reduces risks to businesses, their brand and reputation, it can also reduce insurance premiums.

All you need to do is tell us which areas of compliance you would like to digitise across your organisation, we will then work with you to analyse your existing compliance processes, reducing duplication and optimising the way you work.

The Tillr Platform

All of Tillr’s digital solutions are based upon our flexible compliance platform, enabling us to optimise multiple compliance processes across organisations. Centralising and standardising audits, assessments and inspections, combined with automated task management, alerts and reminders.  Real-time information sharing across teams, including in-the-field operatives using any mobile device.  

The Tillr platform becomes a single source of truth for your business, providing senior management teams with an assurance that risks are being managed appropriately, ensuring no laws or regulations are breached, and the risk of fines, penalties, and in some cases, imprisonment are continually mitigated against.

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Dashboard Reporting

All Tillr compliance solutions include tailored dashboard reports as part of our standard offering, just tell us what KPIs you need to measure and monitor risks of performance management across your business. Once we have created your digitised dashboard templates, you will have access to real-time management reports.  Saving you hours each week, and days per month. No longer will you have to worry about aggregating data from disparate sources, the information you require will be at your fingertips via any device, and in multiple, downloadable formats.

Managed Services

As part of the flexible Tillr value proposition, we offer tailored managed services across multiple areas of compliance.  Our associates are experts in their field, providing risks assessments and periodic audits in line with your business requirements:

  • Building Maintenance

  • Ergonomics

  • Facilities Management

  • GDPR

  • Health and Safety

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