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The compliance and safety solution that saves your business from drowning. Digitise your bespoke audits, assessments and inspections, reduce your business risks and make informed decisions with reports, alerts and notifications.


Tailored solutions for you

At tillr we don’t believe that one size fits all, that’s why we take the time to understand each of our customer’s regulatory compliance requirements. Our experience in software development and managing different types of risk means that we have the ability to identify the real areas of pain for our customers. We are passionate about working with our customers, so we can deliver tailored compliance solutions that really make a difference to operational and senior management teams.

Accessible via any device and with offline capability, tillr is a genuine game changer that empowers our customers, providing transparency with date and time stamped activities, information-sharing, evidence gathering and tailored analytical reports.

Customisation without the fuss

Unlike other software vendors, we can customise our technology without having to go into expensive software development mode, waiting for frustrating test and release cycles to enable delivery. As part of our standard onboarding process, we streamline and optimise our customer’s existing audits, assessments, and inspections. Using their terminology enables quick and easy account set up for all users. Our customer success team works with our customers to ensure they receive a great tillr experience, including automating alerts, notifications and defining bespoke analytical reports.

Gary Gruber

General Manager

The Carnegie Club at Skibo Castle

“The tillr platform offers us an efficient way of managing our diverse range of properties, we have been very pleased with how the system has evolved to suit our site specific requirements.”

Steve Morrin

Community Lead


“Whilst new to the tillr platform, we can already see the benefits of pulling building management online. The customisation is a standout feature and the team have attentively created a product for us which is closely tailored to our unique requirements.”

Sue Johnson

Sports & Leisure Commissioning Manager

The Royal Borough of Kingston Council

“Since using tillr I’ve been able to make 100% of my inspections paperless. If I log any issues the Operations Manager & General Manager of the site is notified with actions, immediately – that feature alone has reduced my workload by about 40%. Though the best thing for me is the ability to take photos and attach them to the inspection. This has enabled me to keep everything in one place, have easy access to files/photos, and cut out several hours a week of chasing actions across all my sites.”

Huw Davies

Quality Assurance Manager

Enable Leisure & Culture

“tillr’s software development expertise has enabled me to easily digitise operations without high training and set up costs. tillr’s solution enables fast and effective interaction with a variety of 3rd party contractors, reducing the administration burden, providing transparency with real-time information sharing, flexible form templates, and the capability to easily generate effective reports.”

Jim Sweeting

Sports & Leisure Manager

West Berkshire Council

“At a time of reducing resources in Local Government the solution developed by tillr offers the chance to remove some of the administrative burden associated with traditional contract monitoring. Issues can be signed off and allocated to relevant people whilst on site, speeding up the entire process and thus improving the overall experience for customers.”

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tillr is used and loved by many different organisations in a number of industries including but not limited to…


Hospitality Operations Management

Use tillr to bring your team and their activities under one roof. Using your customised forms that match the contents and attributes of every room in your facility, capture both positive and negative observations about their condition and customer readiness. Either for regulatory compliance, or for standards monitoring, you can use one solution for all parts of the process, and have a real-time view on what needs attention now alongside what needs investment to improve over time.

Typical use cases across hotels, spas, leisure centres, sports resorts and event spaces are to monitor for cleanliness, faults, damage and customer requests. With buildings that rely on occupancy and usage, use tillr to make sure your customer is getting the best experience, all the time.  

Health, Safety and Ergonomics

From regulatory compliance through to employee health and wellbeing, there are rules and guidelines in place to help your business stay within the law.  Typically, much of this is still achieved with bloated and cumbersome paper-based processes, or worse still by using a unfit-for-purpose and expensive software packages.  With tillr that all stops.

You can inspect, audit and maintain records of all your buildings’ and staff’s legislative obligations using one online tool, that no finance department will struggle to afford. Additionally, with your expertise in compliance, and our expertise in elegant technology, we work together to reduce your overhead, remove your risk and avoid any penalties or criminal charges.

If there is a law or a guideline that you should be following, tillr will present it to you, give you the platform for adhering to it, and protect you from any incidents that call you compliance into question.

Estates and Facilities Management

Whether your property portfolio is made up of one building or hundreds, the management of that estate needs to be rigorous.  By using tillr you can quickly diagnose any problems by identifying your areas of weakness, and subsequently using the same tool to remediate those issues.

Large corporates with office buildings located around the globe, NHS Trusts with hospitals and care homes, building societies with hundreds of local branches and hotel chains spanning a continent all cite tillr as their go-to solution for effective estates management including property audits, information and data storage, commercial property portfolio strategy and corporate accountability.

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Transparency and assurance

tillr delivers value to our customers in multiple different ways, it’s key objective is to provide transparency and assurance that their organisation is compliant with regulatory obligations. We see it all too often, vital compliance information is lost owing to fragmented processes, dated technology or it’s hidden away in a mountain of paperwork, putting organisations at risk of legal action.

Team tillr takes great pride in working with our customers to understand their specific organisational compliance needs, our compliance and technology expertise enables us to quickly optimise processes by customising and automating workflows.

If you can use a smartphone, you can use tillr

tillr has been designed around three key activities relevant to all job roles and industries, these are CREATE, MANAGE and REPORT. The simple nature of tillr’s design ensures that users don’t need to be tech savvy and don’t need costly training. tillr operates like an app and you are never more than three taps (or clicks) away from where you need to be to perform scheduled onsite audits and inspections, manage remediation tasks or analyse reports to measure performance and assess risks. tillr ensures your organisation is always regulatory compliant.

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