We are a G-Cloud 11 supplier

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We are happy to announce that as of today, Tillr has become an approved G-Cloud 11 supplier, allowing public sector organisations to procure our digital transformation platform via the ‘Digital Marketplace’.

What does this mean?

The ‘Digital Marketplace’ is a procurement platform set up by the Government to allow councils to procure digital services and solutions quickly and efficiently and is favoured by many local authorities in the UK. As part of the conditions of being accepted onto the framework, every supplier applying to list their services has to be vetted to meet the strict standards upheld by the Government.

Nearly 50% of local authorities in London already use Tillr, as do plenty of others around the UK. We have big plans to help even more councils benefit from adopting a digital transformation platform and by being on the Digital Marketplace we’re making Tillr as easy to adopt as possible.

We have two solutions ready to procure from the Digital Marketplace, one aimed at leisure departments within councils and the other for any other department looking to digitally transform their processes.

If you would like to find out more about the work we do in the public sector, please contact us on 020 7993 5858 or send us an email.

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