Digitisation vs Digitalisation

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Digitisation and digitalisation. Both words sound the same, but do they mean the same thing? Nope. Not at all. Hopefully this article will shed some light on the key differences between the often mistakenly synonymised words. 

Digitisation is the process of converting analogue data into digital data. For example, take any business process, such as a health and safety inspection, that was once typically done on pen and paper. The process is long and cumbersome, and processing the data to build reports is a mammoth task. Now, take that process, and instead use software to input and manage the data. The data that was once lost at the bottom of a towering pile of paper is now on a computer system and can be stored, managed, and processed far easier than in its previous analogue form. 

Digitalisation is the process of taking the aforementioned digitised data and leveraging it to improve business processes. An example being using a platform like Tillr. Tillr takes digitised data and hosts it in the cloud so that everyone on the team can readily access it wherever and whenever they like, on whatever device they like. Not only is data safer, more compliant, and easily obtainable, reporting and processing that data in ways previously unachievable is now possible at the click of a button. Tillr turns digitised data into something more with the likes of real-time reporting and automated task allocation. It will streamline multiple processes into few and make business efficiency soar, transforming once one-dimensional data into a host of possibilities.

Digitally transform with Tillr. 

Tillr’s digital transformation platform both digitises and digitalises a business’s processes. So, whether you need to digitise an analogue process, or need to digitalise an existing digital process, we have you covered – our highly configurable cloud-hosted platform is specifically tailored to your business process needs. Our platform acts as a bit of a digital toolbox in which we offer the likes of automation, real-time reporting, task management, systems integration, and much, much more. To learn more about Tillr, please contact us now. 

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