Our First Birthday

On the 1st August 2015, our co-founders Paul Romer-Ormiston and William Brown had a vision that it needn’t be so time-consuming and costly to execute frequent inspections and audits to achieve regulatory compliance for your business.

Sounds like a pretty boring vision, eh?  Well, one thing is for sure, the journey to our 1st Birthday has been anything but boring!

We’ve had laughs, lots of laughs, and we’ve had tears (thankfully not so many of those).
We’ve had new faces, and we have familiar faces.
We’ve had redundancies, and we’ve had resignations.
We’ve had loss, and we’ve had profit.
We’ve had campaigns into new sectors, and we’ve had tactical withdrawal from other sectors.
We’ve had conferences as delegates and expos as vendors.
We’ve had inbound sales, and we’ve had outbound sales.
We’ve had highly questionable tastes in music, and we’ve had a team anthem (still played every Friday at 5 pm, religiously).
We’ve had arguments, and we’ve had group hugs.
We’ve had team values printed on our walls, and we’ve had team values printed on our walls.
We’ve had long hours and weekend working, and we’ve had surprise bonuses and awards.

We’ve had an incredible time and today we start our Year 2 journey.

At tillr we support teams, with software…………and we do it by being a team ourselves.
Thank you all for watching us, supporting us, liking us, sharing us and talking about us.

We sail at dawn!