Always striving to save you time

Yet again tillr is saving our public sector customers time, our recent acceptance to the G-Cloud 9 framework enables procurement teams to purchase tillr quickly and start feeling the benefits.  Our customers in local authorities are feeling the value of tillr month-in, month-out, aggregating information faster, collaborating with others, automating processes and generating real-time analytical reporting. tillr’s analytical reporting capability has provided our existing customers with valuable insights into their daily operations, now they can produce real-time reports to identify bottlenecks quickly, focussing on failing areas of service delivery when required.  Don’t take our word for it, look at what our customers say about tillr: 
“Since using tillr I’ve been able to make 100% of my inspections paperless. If I log any issues the Operations Manager & General Manager of the site is notified with actions, immediately – that feature alone has reduced my workload by about 40%. Though the best thing for me is the ability to take photos and attach them to the inspection. This has enabled me to keep everything in one place, have easy access to files/photos, and cut out several hours a week of chasing actions across all my sites.” Sue Johnson The Royal Borough of Kingston Council

So what is G-Cloud?

G-Cloud is a framework agreement that allows Public Sector organisations to buy Cloud hosted products and solutions online, removing any need for lengthy tender processes.

What is the Digital Marketplace?

It’s best described as an online catalogue of pre-approved Cloud hosted products, solutions and vendors for the people who are transforming our public services to buy what they need.

How has it evolved?

G-Cloud is part of the government’s ‘Cloud First’ policy introduced by the Cabinet Office in May 2013. Two years prior, in March 2011, the UK Government introduced an ICT strategy in which a target of 50% of new government ICT spend will be expanded via the Digital Marketplace by 2015 and total sales since it’s inception of £800m suggests that they’re doing a good job.

Benefits to you

Choice With over 2,000 suppliers, delivering over 20,000 Cloud-based services for you to choose from, you have complete access to a gold mine of ICT services.

Transparency – In the Digital Marketplace, for each product or solution, you are able to see a description of the product, a set of features and benefits, full pricing, the supplier’s terms and conditions and a full-service definition.

Compliance – The G-Cloud framework agreement complies with the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) ensuring a safe environment for you to browse and buy, whilst also meeting CESG security requirements.

Time – The Digital Marketplace is quick and simple. Place an order, award the contract and deploy the product within hours.

Money – Due to the transparent nature of the Digital Marketplace, analysis and comparison of prices is simple, ensuring you are getting the best value for your money.

Speed – No need for onerous and time-consuming discussions, documentation galore, and paralysis, analysis.  Simply identify the best solution for your business needs and start managing simply.