The idea of using an app for facilities management sounds like a great idea at first. You can just slip your mobile phone or tablet in your pocket and set off to perform your inspections without having to worry about carrying a pen and paper around with you. But what if you can get the convenience of using an app without having to worry about all the disadvantages that come along with it?

That is where tillr comes into play

Not only can tillr be accessed on just a mobile or tablet, but it can also be accessed on a desktop or laptop. This is done through the cloud, so any work you are doing on any device will automatically be there when you log into your account on the next device, with absolutely no hassle of having to transfer the work yourself or worrying about syncing your data. This means that whether you are in the office or on the go, you will be able to access tillr, and all of your information stored there, in the form that is most convenient for you.

Speaking of storing information, apps have limited storage

Why would you want to prevent yourself from being able to store the most information you possibly can? With tillr, a cloud hosted software solution, storage is unlimited, giving you the opportunity to have any file you need at your fingertips within seconds. No more having to delete data just because you don’t have enough room to store everything. With tillr, there is no picking or choosing of information.

Moving on to the functionality of the two options, apps are likely to do just one job

For example, an app may be good for data capture but you may need a whole new app to perform any other task that is crucial to your facilities management process. With tillr, you are able to avoid this issue of simplicity and perform all of your necessary functions, such as automated tasks, real-time informative reports, and collaboration with workmates, through this one piece of software. An app is not an end-to-end facilities management solution, but instead, it is just a small piece of the puzzle, whereas tillr is able to offer the whole solution.

The reality

Why would you want to limit yourself to just an app when there is another option out there that is able to bring you so many more possibilities? The reality is this – the reliability and accessibility that tillr is able to provide you with is not able to be provided with an app. tillr is undeniably beneficial to a facilities management team and is able to provide all the benefits of using an app, while turning the disadvantages into additional benefits.

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