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Our technology, your know-how

Tillr’s flexibility enables our channel partners to strengthen their value proposition for their customers, reducing their administrative overhead and enabling them to win new business.  Tillr can be used across a variety of business areas where you need to perform assessments, audits and inspections.

Streamlining and optimising

Tillr centralises multiple types of assessments, audits and inspections quickly and easily, enabling our channel partners and their customers to benefit from standardised templates with embedded dynamic behaviour and automated task management.  We don’t force our channel partners or their customers to adopt our processes, instead, we use our expertise to streamline and optimise the way they already work.

Tillr’s powerful analytical reporting capability enables our channel partners to effectively measure the performance of their consultants, contractors and customers, all reports are auto-generated to meet your needs, and in real time.

What can Tillr be used for?

  • Building Audits

  • Fire Risk Inspections

  • Health and Safety

  • Incident Reporting

  • ISO Standards

  • Safety and Security Inspections

  • Vehicle and Emergency Equipment Inspections

  • Workstation Ergonomic Assessments

What are the benefits of Tillr?

  • Accessible via any device

  • Automated tasks, alerts and reminders

  • Customisable templates and analytical reporting

  • Date and timestamped record-keeping

  • KPI measurement

  • No IT costs or training overhead

  • No more task duplication or rekeying of data

  • Quick and stress-free user onboarding

  • Reactive and proactive task management

  • Reduced administrative burden and operational costs

Meet our partners

System Concepts Logo

What does System Concepts offer? 

We provide a range of expert consultancy-led solutions that help our clients resolve problems, design solutions and boost performance. Our professional advice, research, and insights make places, products and services more productive and engaging to use.

Established in 1981, we offer practical, cost-effective advice, research and training to clients worldwide in usability, user experience, accessibility, ergonomics and health and safety.

How does Tillr enhance System Concepts offering? 

Tillr is at one with our philosophy that one size solutions do not fit all: so they configure their powerful compliance platform to meet specific business critical and complex compliance client needs, all without the need for lengthy and costly software development cycles.

Darren Smith

Managing Director, System Concepts

Find out more about how System Concepts use tillr to enhance their offering here.

System Concepts Logo

What does Dow Jones offer? 

Dow Jones are a global provider of third-party risk management and regulatory compliance solutions. Working with clients across the globe, we have created products and services to help companies evaluate third-party risks faster and with more confidence. Dow Jones delivers research tools and outsourced services for onboarding, vetting and investigations to help companies comply with anti-money laundering (AML), anti-bribery corruption (ABC) and economic sanctions regulation in mitigating third-party risk.

How do Tillr and Dow Jones work together? 

Like Dow Jones, Tillr believes in a centralised approach to remove duplication and save clients’ valuable time, money and resources.  Integrating Dow Jones risk and compliance watchlist data into the Tillr compliance platform will provide clients with bespoke AML/KYC/EDD case management solutions, reducing the rate of false positives, while automating workflows and analytic management reporting.

Daniel Melvin

Director Partners and Content Integration, Dow Jones

System Concepts Logo

What does W2 Global Data offer? 

W2 Global Data provides one gateway for companies to manage their customer relationships beyond account opening, KYC and AML procedures. Their single platform offers instantaneous age and identity verification, AML checks, fraudulent behaviour analysis, black and white lists, affordability assessment, facial comparison and ongoing monitoring, all powered by state of the art machine learning and intelligence can improve your customer acquisition rates.

How do Tillr and W2 Global Data work together?

W2 Global Data provides Tillr customers with a single solution to mitigate risks associated with ID verification of their customers, from standard online ID checks to facial comparison of images shown on official documents.  In conjunction with Tillr, companies can now dramatically reduce their operational burden and compliance risks, whilst speeding up their account processes and increasing the flow of new business.

Kerry Cleary

Supplier and Partner Manager, W2 Global Data

System Concepts Logo

What does Risk Resources India offer? 

Risk Resources India has been in GRC industry across Asia for several years, as a niche provider of best-in-class, cost-effective integrated Risk & Control Management and Business Resilience Solutions.   We provide high quality, cost-effective Risk Management & Business Resilience Solutions in all areas (Avoidance, mitigation and control) while providing significant value to our clients.

How do Tillr and Risk Resources India work together? 

Tillr has enabled Risk Resources India to introduce a new breed of powerful compliance platform to new regions, their technology and expertise combined with our local knowledge and GRC knowledge present a compelling value proposition for companies in financial services and Insurance across Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Oman and the UAE.

Vikrant Varshney

CEO, Risk Resources India

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Co-branded Partner

If your corporate identity is important to you, we can mirror your corporate colours, logo and audits, assessments and inspections. We work with you to implement a repeatable and scalable business model, using our expertise and technology to drive your business forward. You own the customer relationship, and you get a percentage of the initial revenues and recurring revenues.

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