Two weeks on from the Facilities Show at the Excel in London’s docklands, the backache and sore feet have now been consigned to a distant memory.  The three-day show was a great event, the tillr stand had a lot of interest shown by delegates, even on the last day when the heavens opened and most of London was under water. So many thanks to all those people who made the effort to attend the show.

What did we learn?

Team tillr received the following feedback from delegates while we were exhibiting at the Facilities Show:

Complicated software

Businesses are now starting to seek out less complicated technology that doesn’t require lengthy analysis, training workshops and a continual battle to drive user adoption.  They also agreed that they were sick and tired of being hit with hidden costs as part of their technology onboarding process, resulting in budgets being blown and increased scrutiny by finance and procurement teams.


Delegates mentioned that they have their own interpretation of hard-copy audit, inspection and report templates for their business, they don’t want to change their business processes to fit the implementation of new technology.  However, they do want the flexibility to customise audit and inspection templates, reducing the impact of change across their team.  


Time is at a premium for us all, but no more so than a facility, health and safety or property manager, they are continually battling against the clock.  I met a property manager at the facilities show who managed over 300 properties, time was of the essence, he needed to quickly perform audits and inspections.  He was desperate to reduce his post-inspection burden, having to spend evenings collating information and drafting reports.


Management teams need to ensure they have a real-time overview of their teams and contractors, enabling them to measure performance and trends.  There is a growing sense of frustration that using pen and paper based processes are very restrictive and makes reporting impossible.  The need for operational transparency is being driven by laws, regulations and senior management teams who are liable for the lack of adequate processes and policies to protect their employees and customers.


The volume of audits and inspections performed by facilities, property and health and safety managers is ever increasing, relying upon Apps with limited storage capacity presents challenges.  For example, if you exceed the limit of an app or device everything crashes, resulting in lost information.  The property manager mentioned earlier in this blog uses an App, he has to export all his information into a PDF format and clear-out his device after every property inspection, not really an ideal scenario.


The importance of collaboration across teams is becoming a real hot-potato, office-based teams complain they cannot action anything until external team members are back in the office, resulting in wasted time.  Rekeying of information seems nonsensical, but he has become the norm for many businesses.  Sharing information in a timely way reduces confusion while streamlining and speeding up processes.


The use of enterprise level software combined with Apps to enable mobile capability is being seen as a distraction for businesses,  team members working outside the office need to ensure they sync their devices to a centralised platform, otherwise reporting and updates become seriously skewed.  Businesses now want one easy to use system that can be used via multiple devices, without compromising their business needs or user-experience.


As we’re all busier than ever, the automation of mundane processes can be a godsend.  Businesses now want their employees to be time efficient, not wasting time prioritising and allocating tasks and jobs.  The need for predefined processes is essential to streamline operations and speed up processes, a consistent approach enables effective performance measurement.


There is a growing need for flexible cloud based solutions across facilities, health and safety and property management, time is at a premium, but the repercussions for flouting laws and regulations are significant, from fines, suspensions and imprisonment.  The need for mobile-friendly solutions is on an upward curve, as is the need for solutions to be easy to use and not require training workshops.

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