Sports Stadia Case Study

The Facts

When walking into a sports stadium, fans become immersed in a culture dedicated solely to the success of their favourite team. No matter the size, sports venues were created to generate experiences between the team and their fans. To ensure that this experience is a positive one, it becomes essential for venues to establish proper safety regulations. As the fan base for a team increases, the venues continue to grow with them. To attract sporting fanatics and establish a facility that people look forward to visiting, venues must create a space that not only comfortably holds everyone, but enhances their experience as well through use of working Wi-Fi, digital signage, and concession food and drink. These sporting facilities can also be a host for other attractions such as large conferences or concerts. The demand for luxury, adaptability, and safety becomes difficult to balance when running this type of venue.

The biggest struggle in managing a multi-purpose facility with a high volume of spectators is ensuring fans, athletes, workers and contractor remain safe. With a multi-use stadium, it becomes essential to quickly and efficiently change the layout of the space to lower operational problems. This can cause major safety worries and certain procedural checks must be followed and in place for concerns over space capacity, evacuation measures, and proper security checks.

Most sports facilities rely upon communicating issues and potential safety risks through the use of email, phone calls, or pen and paper. The importance of these problems can be lost through the use of this mixed communication, creating more trouble and work for employees. By using the tillr software, facilities will be able to speedily determine, report, and fix problems. Minimising the risk of accidental injuries, litigious actions and reputational damage.

The Challenges

The three main concerns for sports facilities are:

  • Properly ensuring the wellbeing of spectators, athletes, workers and contractors
  • Upholding operational measures when changing layouts of the venue
  • Providing a comfortable experience for the audience

Communication and understanding between staff members becomes crucial when facing these challenges. Mixed forms of communication weakens their ability to quickly and successfully fix issues.

The Solution

Move the management of event procedures and scheduled maintenance tasks into one, centralized, cloud-hosted solutions accessible via any device. Audiences are assured a safe, high quality experience when visiting the facility. The tillr software allows staff to thoroughly, yet quickly, check whether safety regulations are met in different areas of the venue through the use of standardized forms. Concerns over customer satisfaction such as Wi-Fi connection, proper food and drink, employee training, etc. can also be tested through the use of customizable forms and reported directly to the correct personnel.

The forms created will cut down operational costs and time when setting up new layouts by streamlining the process. Any safety issues reported can then be handled before any more problems occur or the match begins.

The Benefits

  • One system for communicating and documenting inspections
  • Forms designed specifically to match certain safety protocols or issues regarding customer satisfaction
  • Automated tasks that can be distributed to specific employees
  • Operational duties are streamlined and ensured to be done correctly
  • Attach photographic evidence of any issues to inspection files
  • 24-hour access to your data from any device

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