Luxury Hospitality Case Study

The Facts

Luxury hospitality venues around the world are often exquisitely unique, but in other ways they are all the same – one example is that they all have brand and reputation at the forefront of their minds. They haven’t become a luxury brand overnight, and maintaining impeccable standards that have taken years of hard work and dedication to achieve, is often left to a team of forgotten heroes.

‘Luxury’ has by some been defined as ‘a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense’. People that can spare great expense to stay in luxury accommodation rightfully demand fantastic service, speedy response times to requests and facilities that look spotless and function flawlessly. There is a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure that all this happens, and there are a lot of people that need to be involved to make it happen.

The difficulty of managing a facility where there is a continual flow of visitors and guests, is that the facility degrades quickly. Everything from getting rooms ready for the next occupant through to reporting and remediating issues noticed by guests or staff is extremely time critical and is a responsibility shared by everyone in the team.

In this case study, we look at an exclusive, ‘members only’ residence in Inverness, Scotland – The Carnegie Club at Skibo Castle. Prior to investing in tillr, like the majority of luxury hospitality venues we speak to, Skibo’s employees used a mixture of emails, phone calls, pagers, radios, pen and paper to report issues. The reason they had not adopted software before meeting us, was that they had not found one that could specifically map on to their diverse and unique set of buildings, in a way that made the solution feel as if it were tailored just for them.

The Challenges

The three main challenges faced by Skibo Castle when maintaining high standards at The Carnegie Club are:

  • No two rooms are the same, so location-based knowledge of issues is paramount
  • Delays in the resolution of issues are unacceptable, so the team must work real-time
  • The guests’ experience must be impeccable, so resolution should be ‘invisible’

Collaboration across a distributed team is essential to facing these challenges, and collaboration is weakened when the methods of communication are varied and inconsistent. As such, the risk of mistakes being made was greater than necessary.

The Solution

Move the management of the daily activities and scheduled maintenance tasks into one, centralised, cloud-hosted solution accessible via any device.

Then customise that solution so that there are no irrelevant templates or user journeys, and in actual fact the system feels bespoke, whereby every unique aspect of the facility is catered for. Also ensure the standards or service levels mandated by the management are ‘baked into’ the system, so that everyone is working to the same rules, and those rules are applied automatically to any issue notifications.

Once everyone captures, shares, reacts to and updates information about the management of the buildings in the same way, the transparency for management is improved. Reporting becomes possible, in that continually troublesome areas of the facility can be identified, and specialist activities relating to unique aspects of the buildings can be scheduled against a programme of Planned Preventative Maintenance.

The Benefits

  • Issue logging templates that exactly match the attributes of your rooms and buildings
  • One system for logging and progressing all issues and activities across the team
  • Single-click reporting that tells you the situation in real-time, on any device
  • Automatic assignment of tasks to teams, with turnaround times based on rules
  • One version of the truth with date and time-stamped information for auditing
  • Photographic records of before/after scenarios, for future reference
  • No more paperwork, just easily accessed digital records of what happened

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“The tillr platform offers us an efficient way of managing our diverse range of properties, we have been very pleased with how the system has evolved to suit our site specific requirements.”

Gary Gruber

General Manager, The Carnegie Club Skibo Castle

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