Hospitality Inspection Software

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Inspections made simple

Hospitality operations teams often have limited time and resources. Yet they are being asked by their management teams, to maintain the high standards of their facilities as well as keeping customers happy. tillr has developed a hospitality inspection software solution to perform and manage audits and inspections simply. Gather information, collaborate and manage tasks to ensure fast service failure resolutions.

Is the cloud for me?

The benefits of moving your paper-based processes to the cloud are never ending. Think of your entire inspections process in one centralised solution which everyone can access. You can gather and share information across multiple teams and locations. You can alert workmates of new and pending tasks automatically. Which reduces the burden upon team leaders and enables faster response and resolution times.

What is the priority?

It’s widely accepted within the hospitality industry that the priority is to keep customers happy. Consistently meeting customer expectations with high quality services time and time again. Trying to keep customers happy, places a great strain on ageing facilities and already stretched operational teams. Having a solution to manage the pains of the inspection process and reduce your teams workload by 40% takes all of that pain away.  

How can tillr help?

We provide easy to use, cloud-hosted, hospitality inspection software, that enables operational teams to centralise their facilities’ audit and inspection forms. Assign prioritised tasks to colleagues, different teams and third parties. Easily automate key processes, email alerts and reminders. All of which reduces the need for multiple follow up emails and phone calls to find out the status of pending tasks. We offer a free 14-day trial but you will see tillr’s value instantly.  


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Find out how to reduce your workload by 40%


Who can benefit from tillr?

tillr enables management teams to have a real-time overview of the operational tasks across their facilities. This ensures that service failures or issues are resolved within acceptable timeframes.  Another key feature for management teams, is the business intelligence (BI) and management information (MI) reporting capability of tillr. In a single click you can generate customised reports that enable you to manage individual and team performance, as well as informative trend analysis, trendspotting and much, much more.

✓ Operations Managers  
✓ Facilities Managers  
✓ Housekeeping Teams  
✓ Maintenance Teams
✓ Owners    
✓ Quality Assurance Managers  
✓ Regional Managers  
✓ General Managers
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Digitise operations

It’s time to move into the 21st century and get rid of your reliance on pen and paper. Store all of your data in one secure cloud hosted system.
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Mobile ready

Take our software around the facility you’re inspecting. As long as you’re connected to the internet, you can take and upload photos of the issue needing fixed.
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Everyone in your team has a complete overview of the results of an inspection and any tasks that follow, making accountability clear.
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Intelligent reports

With tillr you can easily produce intelligent reports with a single click to spot trends for performance management and increase the efficiency of inspections for the future.
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Remove the burden

Streamline your operations to increase productivity. No more follow up phone calls, email tennis, meetings about meetings or “to do” post-it notes.
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Automated tasks

Never worry about missing a deadline again, tillr automates your tasks and sends you reminders when a job needs to be completed. Reduce your workload by 40%.

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Learn how to reduce your post-inspection workload by 40%