Health, Safety & Ergonomics

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A Unique Partnership 

To fulfil the needs of our clients we have partnered with System Concepts whose expertise across health, safety and ergonomics are second to none. Their team of professional consultants are industry and subject-matter experts across multiple industries.  The addition of System Concepts superior health and safety content to tillr’s cloud-based platform is a very powerful proposition for existing and new clients. We can now offer multiple types of health and safety regulatory audits and inspections via one solution. Both tillr and System Concepts clients will have the option to subscribe to a uniquely effective audit and inspections tool, cutting a swathe through organisational paperwork – and saving a huge amount of employee time.  
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Health & Safety Management

For any size of business, the importance of health and safety compliance can never be overlooked, it’s both a legal obligation for all employers to ensure the safety of their customers and employees alike.  Failure to ensure safe working conditions can result in serious accidents and injuries, the aftermath for non-compliant businesses are usually severe penalties such as:
  • Disqualification
  • Heavy fines
  • Imprisonment
  • Suspensions  
Formalising health and safety policies includes defining internal policies, employee training, performing risk assessments and reporting incidents. The additional burden can be seen as a time consuming and arduous administration overhead, especially if a paper-based approach is adopted.    

Automate your burden

As a manager or business owner, do you really have the time or desire to continually do the following:
  • Coordinate others
  • Prioritise tasks
  • Allocate work
  • Follow-up
With tillr’s paperless solution, you’re able to quickly centralise all your health and safety policies, risk assessments, training material and incident logs.  tillr instantly reduces your operational burden, enabling you to automate processes, define priorities and task allocation.  No longer will you need to chase up others via email, phone and text, the latest status updates are at your fingertips 24/7.  

The value never stops

tillr has been specifically designed to provide our customers with the flexibility of using industry templates or digitise their existing health and safety policies, risk assessments, training surveys/tests and incident logs.  All tillr user actions are date and time stamped, providing you with an audit trail and ensuring your business’s integrity.  In conjunction with tillr’s real-time reports, who can quickly and easily have an overview of the status of assessments, audits, tasks et al, enabling you to spot trends.  

 Who can benefit from tillr?

tillr is a flexible cloud-based solution that is aimed at any type of business with a regulatory burden to perform regular health and safety assessments, audits, inspections and ensure remediation tasks are completed. If you are a buildings manager, environmental manager, facilities manager, health and safety manager, properties manager or quality manager you need to speak to team tillr. 

Example health and safety forms that can be created, simply send us your version and we will help you go paperless

✓ Asbestos
✓ Chemicals
✓ Confined Spaces
✓ Display Screen Equipment 
✓ Electricity
✓ Excavation
✓ Falling Objects
✓ Fire and Explosion
✓ Hazardous Substances
✓ Incident Logs
✓ Machinery (Guarding)
✓ Manual Handling
✓ Noise
✓ Pressure Systems
✓ Radiation
✓ Risk Assessments
✓ Slips, Trips & Falls
✓ Stress
✓ Temperatures
✓ Training Surveys/Tests
✓ Transport
✓ Vibration
✓ Violence to Staff
✓ Work Equipment
✓ Work-related Injury
✓ Working Alone
✓ Working at Heights
✓ Working Environment

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