Facilities Inspection Software

Safe and efficient

Facilities management teams are the unsung heroes who we all take for granted. They ensure that we are playing and working in safe, well maintained environments. This is a difficult balancing act for all sizes of facilities management teams. They have limited budgets, resources and hours in the day. So they rely heavily upon their coordination, planning and organisation skills.  The drive to improve effectiveness is ever-constant. Saving time when and where possible and utilising resources wisely. Our facilities inspection software helps you do exactly that.

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Time is money

tillr’s facilities audit and inspection solution saves our customers time from the moment they sign up. On average we can save up to 40% of your time each week. Providing increased productivity and money saved. Now who doesn’t want that?   At tillr we recognise the real value and importance of time, both to us and our customers.  This is shown in our onboarding process. All you need to do is provide us with a copy of your existing audit and inspections forms. We’ll then use our expertise to turn your static forms into dynamic online forms with aligned reporting templates, all within a matter of hours.  So there’s no need for multiple workshops, IT training or project management. 

How do we do it? 

tillr’s easy to use, cloud-based, facilities inspection software enables our customers to perform and manage their audits and inspections using a centralised solution available to use on any device. You can share information gathered on an inspection with a variety of workmates and teams in different locations and even external third parties. Within seconds you can set up new teams with restricted access if required, ensuring confidentially is never compromised. tillr reduces the need for multiple follow up phone calls, emails, texts and various versions of hard-copy forms. This reduces workload on average by 40%. 

We take the strain

As soon as you access your secure tillr account, you can start automating the allocation and prioritisation of tasks and reminders. We give you back the valuable lost time coordinating teams, scheduling jobs and chasing for status updates. tillr empowers management teams, enabling them to have transparency of outstanding jobs per person or team, so they can focus upon bottlenecks or problems areas.  Managers are able to see a chronological log of activities per audit and inspection. From attached photos of the issues found whilst inspecting, the allocated tasks, the notes added to that inspection and if jobs are overdue.
A screenshot of the manage tasks screen in tillr
A screenshot of the report screen in tillr

Performance reporting

As with any management team, the importance of reporting can never be forgotten.  tillr’s reporting power provides a real-time insight into the performance of internal employees, teams and external contractors and suppliers.  The value of trend analysis is essential for any team needing to plan effectively. tillr enables management teams to identify trends to inform budget, resource and schedule planning.  All tillr reports are automatically generated with a single click, all you need to do is select the required template for your needs.  

Reduce your workload by 40%

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Digitise operations

It’s time to move into the 21st century and get rid of your reliance on pen and paper. Store all of your data in one secure cloud hosted system.
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Mobile ready

Take our system into the facility you’re inspecting. As long as you’re connected to the internet, you can take and upload photos of the issue needing fixed.
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Everyone in your team has a complete overview of the results of an inspection and any tasks that follow, making accountability clear.
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Intelligent reports

With our facilities management software you can easily produce reports to spot trends and increase the efficiency of inspections for the future.
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Remove the burden

Streamline your operations to increase productivity. No more email tennis, no more calendar invites, no more “to do” post-it notes.
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Automated tasks

Never worry about missing a deadline again, tillr automates your tasks and sends you reminders when a job needs to be completed.

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