Providing management teams with confidence that regulatory processes are managed effectively and that compliance risks are mitigated

Risk assurance with tillr

tillr has a diverse portfolio of customers across the public and private sectors. All our customers have common traits, they all wanted to minimise the time taken on administering audits and inspections, standardising information gathering and centralising information sharing to streamline processes, reducing task duplication and re-keying of information. Bespoke real-time analytical reports are essential for all our customers, it enables management teams to identify bottlenecks, risks, trends and service failures quickly.

Accessibility via any mobile device is a common requirement so that tillr can be used for onsite audits, assessments and inspections, with Wifi access or offline. Automation of prioritised alerts and reminders ensures deadlines aren’t missed and tasks are allocated correctly and quickly.

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Gary Gruber

General Manager

The Carnegie Club at Skibo Castle

“The tillr platform offers us an efficient way of managing our diverse range of properties, we have been very pleased with how the system has evolved to suit our site specific requirements.”

Steve Morrin

Community Lead


“Whilst new to the tillr platform, we can already see the benefits of pulling building management online. The customisation is a standout feature and the team have attentively created a product for us which is closely tailored to our unique requirements.”

Sue Johnson

Sports & Leisure Commissioning Manager

The Royal Borough of Kingston Council

“Since using tillr I’ve been able to make 100% of my inspections paperless. If I log any issues the Operations Manager & General Manager of the site is notified with actions, immediately – that feature alone has reduced my workload by about 40%. Though the best thing for me is the ability to take photos and attach them to the inspection. This has enabled me to keep everything in one place, have easy access to files/photos, and cut out several hours a week of chasing actions across all my sites.”

Huw Davies

Quality Assurance Manager

Enable Leisure & Culture

“tillr’s software development expertise has enabled me to easily digitise operations without high training and set up costs. tillr’s solution enables fast and effective interaction with a variety of 3rd party contractors, reducing the administration burden, providing transparency with real-time information sharing, flexible form templates, and the capability to easily generate effective reports.”

Jim Sweeting

Sports & Leisure Manager

West Berkshire Council

“At a time of reducing resources in Local Government the solution developed by tillr offers the chance to remove some of the administrative burden associated with traditional contract monitoring. Issues can be signed off and allocated to relevant people whilst on site, speeding up the entire process and thus improving the overall experience for customers.”

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