Leisure Centre Contract Monitoring Case Study

The Facts

The majority of local authorities across the UK use third parties to manage their council-owned facilities such as leisure centres, libraries, roads, parks and open spaces. To ensure that high standards of cleanliness and service are the norm and that the facilities achieve regulatory compliance, representatives from the council perform regular audits and inspections of their buildings and check their findings against the contract between the council and the provider.

In this case study, we look at council-owned leisure centres, which are an important part of a local authority’s offering in serving the public demand and improving the quality of living for residents of that area – tillr is used in over forty leisure centres in London alone.  Regulatory compliance is so important in facilities where there is a high footfall, especially when buildings are accessed by members of the public.  Keeping everyone safe should be the number one priority, and it is the effective management of health and safety that ensures no one is put at risk.

The difficulty they face is that, for the most part, these inspections are being carried out using pen and paper. Lack of funding is cited as the most likely reason for resistance to change and moving to a more efficient, online system. We’re here to tell you that a cost-effective solution is out there and that time and money saved sees an immediate return on investment.

The Challenges

There are three main challenges when taking a paper-based approach to your audits and inspections:

  • The time taken to record and share an inspection report delays the resolution of issues
  • The inability to monitor the performance of your third-party service provider
  • The difficulty in analysing how your buildings are operating over time

The latter is virtually impossible without having to go through the arduous, time-consuming process of manually pulling a report together. Not to mention the added pain of having to physically store and then find all of the hard copies of each audit/inspection when called upon.

The Solution

Move the management of your audits and inspections into one, centralised, cloud-hosted solution accessible via any device. Make sure your members have a great, safe experience when they visit your leisure centres and give the service provider a fair chance at responding within agreed SLAs by speeding up the way you share your views with them following an inspection. Everyone wins: the public, the provider, and you.

The Benefits

  • Optimise all of your paper-based forms with dynamic online form behaviour
  • Perform your audits and inspections on any device
  • 24-hour access to your data without requiring a filing cabinet
  • Automatically assign tasks to your third-party contractors based on your findings
  • One version of the truth with date and time-stamped information
  • Link tasks to specific contract clauses to make monitoring contracts easier
  • Attach photos of any issues to inspection files
  • Reports generated in real-time to spot trends making the prevention of incidents simple

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“Since using tillr I’ve been able to make 100% of my inspections paperless. If I log any issues the Operations Manager and General Manager of the site is notified of actions, immediately – that feature alone has reduced my workload by about 40%. Though the best thing for me is the ability to take photos and attach them to the inspection. This has enabled me to keep everything in one place, have easy access to files/photos, and cut out several hours a week of chasing actions across all my sites.” Sue Gregory-Johnson

Sports & Leisure Commissioning Manager, Royal Borough of Kingston Council

“tillr’s software development expertise has enabled me to easily digitise operations without high training and set up costs. tillr’s solution enables fast and effective interaction with a variety of 3rd party contractors, reducing the administration burden, providing transparency with real-time information sharing, flexible form templates, and the capability to easily generate effective reports.” Huw Davies

Quality Assurance Manager, Enable Leisure and Culture

“At a time of reducing resources in Local Government, the solution developed by tillr offers the chance to remove some of the administrative burden associated with traditional contract monitoring. Issues can be signed off and allocated to relevant people whilst on site, speeding up the entire process and thus improving the overall experience for customers.” Jim Sweeting

Sports & Leisure Manager, West Berkshire Council

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