Coffee Shop Case Study


The Facts

The purpose of a coffee shop can vary based on the ideals the owner wants to portray. Many coffee shops are moving from order-and-go to order-and-stay, enabling customers to sit, relax, and enjoy their cup of joe. Either way, coffee shops are becoming much more specialized with higher quality products and means of producing it. Many places are specializing in latte art, giving a personal touch to each and every cup. To ensure that a high-quality product is produced consistently, workers need to maintain machines by checking them regularly and communicate with suppliers to order goods that match their high standards.

The difficulty in managing a shop with a continuous flow of customers and trying to meet a never-ending stream of trends is that communication can be lost and maintenance can be difficult to keep up with. Everything from properly cleaning the espresso machine to placing an order for more coffee beans is essential for upholding an excellent product that keeps customers coming back for more.

In this case study, we look at a small coffee shop located on a college campus in Minnesota, USA – Johnnie Java. Prior to using tillr, Johnnie Java’s employees mainly used emails, texts, phone calls, and pen and paper to communicate, record, and report any issues. By using the tillr software, they will be able to quickly communicate any issues to all employees, suppliers and maintenance staff by use of a single platform, and also efficiently order products when needed.

The Challenges

The three biggest challenges when managing a coffee shop are:

  • Keeping inventory constantly updated
  • Ensuring machines are being cared for properly
  • Guaranteeing a consistent product that makes customers happy

Collaboration between team members, management members, and suppliers is essential when facing these challenges. The partnership between these people are weakened when the methods of communicating are varied.

The Solution

Move the management of the daily activities and scheduled maintenance tasks into one, centralized, cloud-hosted solution accessible via any device. Customers are assured a high-quality experience when visiting. The standard health code is met through use of customized forms and service procedures are up-to-date and followed through by employers. The reporting of trouble areas (i.e. machines, ordering supplies, customer service) becomes quick and streamlined.

The Benefits

  • Forms designed specifically to match the need for ordering inventory, reviewing health codes, and reporting customer service
  • One system for logging orders, mechanical issues, and communicating with suppliers
  • Automated assignments allocated to management members
  • Order forms are dated correctly and issued accordingly
  • Photographic evidence of problems with machinery
  • 24-hour access to your data from any device

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“tillr’s software and digital expertise has allowed Johnnie Java to streamline operations. All team members now use this single platform to report issues, ensuring proper documentation and distribution of tasks. Having everything recorded on one, multi-use platform allows us easier access to inspections and forms from the past. With the help of tillr, the customized form templates we use have saved our business time from tedious work, allowing us to spend more time creating relationships with customers.” Maddie Dockry

General Manager, Johnnie Java

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